bulls "My aim is to produce high quality Finnish beef by noticing the welfare of animals, farmer and also the needs of consumer"
- Kaurala farm quality manual
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Animal husbandry in Kaurala is based on beef cattle. Calves are bought at the age of 2-3 weeks from dairy farms through A-Farmers Ltd. About 95 % of calves are dairy breed and the rest are beef breed crossings.

Dairy bull calves are fed for the first 2 months with the free choice of sour milk replacer, consentrates and hay. After that they are ablactated to mixture feed.

Usually we keep the bulls for 18 months, of which the first 6 months are concentrated on strong growth at the beginning and the rest 12 months to gain weight from 250 kg up to 700 kg. Aim of carcase weight is over 350 kg.

I have 3 cowsheds in my farm at the moment. The latest to take in use was the cowshed for the "teenage" ones in 2005. Total amount of animals is about 320.

I am producing Atria-high quality meat in co-operation with A-Farmers and Atria The producer has to follow certain rules while producing quality-meat. The main idea of producing quality meat is that welfare, health and appropriate feeding of the animals are being ensured in quality meat chain.
All the Atria-quality meat is produced under contracts.

Requirements to the contract:

  • Exploration of conditions
  • Fodders and feeding
  • Health-care contract
  • Environmental program of the farm
  • Atria    A-farmers

    Nettipihatto  Lämminkasvattamo  Vasikkakasvattamo
    The "web-cowshed" is a non-heated barn, which was completed in 1998. At my pages you can see pictures of building time and experiences of usage.
    Heated barn was completed in 1980 and it has full-slatted floor. The barn was renovated in summer 2001 and at the same time completed the enlargement part. Amount of animals is 96.
    Cowshed for the calves was built during summer and autumn 2000 and was took in use at the beginning of 2001. There are about 50 small calves and part of the "teen" -phase calves.
    Nettipihatto Lämminkasvattamo Vasikkakasvattamo
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