field "The aim of field cropping is to produce first-grade feed to cattle according to terms of environmental maintenance."
-Kaurala farm quality manual
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At 2006 there is about 91 hectares field cultivated. About 35 hectares of it is leasehold. Soil classes are mostly sand and mull.

Fertilization of the fields is based on focused levels, meaning that amounts of nutrients are counted with the help of soil analysis.

In addition to farmyard manure, we also use some chemical fertilizers. Manure is mainly being spread in spring before seeding and in summer to grass by hilling after first ensilage.

I am cultivating grass silage at the next growing season in about 34 hectares area. Grass compound consist of timothy, meadow and reed fescue. Some red clover is also added to mix.

The fodder is pre-dried silage in round bales and preserved with silage acid. The bales are wrapped in to plastic foil to improve persistency. Color of the plastic is white so the bales do not get warm in sun and the bales stays good. The round bale method suits best to my farm because the fields are scattered and I don't have that much manpower in use.

Valmet 6600 + Claas 250
Valmet 6600 + Claas 250 RotoCut CCT
Viljan kylvöä keväällä 2001
Seeding, Simulta 2500T
Little more than 47 hectares of field is grain. Wheat and oats 50/50
  • Seeding
    Seeding is made depending on spring and field between beginning of May and the first weeks of June. Part of the grain is cover grain, that means that at the same time, as the grain is sow, there have sowed also grass seed mix.
  • Plant protection
    Plant protection is taken care of contractor. The need and grade of protection is defined parcel by parcel.
  • Harvest
    Also combine harvesting is taken care of contractor. The method of preservation I use allows the harvest a little before normal harvest time. Grain is being harvested, preserved with whey and is crushed and stored to flat silos.
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  • Fodder
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  • Murska 700S2 HD roller mill
    update 04.06.2006

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