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There has been agriculture for many centuries at the place of Kaurala. Houses and families changes but the land stays the same.
Originally Kaurala has been a part of Tiitto farm, bought by my great-grandfather Sakari Kauranen in 1918. After different phases Kaurala farm was formed at the 50's. The first landlord was my grandfather Martti Kauranen. At that time, there were few cows at the cowshed. There were also some pigs, sheep, hens and two horses. Kaurala farm main building y. -60
Silage harvesting at the beginning of the 80's

At the beginning of the 70's my father Erkki Kauranen took the farm in charge. After the transfer of a farm to a descendant directed the farming in to a beef production and dairy cows were given up. In the old cowsheds there were about 40 heifers at that time. Production was doubled for the first time at the beginning of the 80's through a new cowshed.

When Finland took part in the EU at 1995 it meant strong decrease in cost prices. At the same time we made the decision of principle, we wont give up and we'll raise the size of farm if needed. Building the new cowshed was the start of the enlargement process. We also rented more fields.

non-heated barn

Year 1999 came and it was time for the undersigned to take the farm over. I had the enthusiasm already at that point. The enlargement process started by my father continued with new cowshed for the babycalves at year 2000 and for teenage calves at year 2005 The herd size was expanded to 320 and also the field side had to follow up the growth.

Now we are living year 2006. The last years have been in many ways years of change in Kaurala farm such as in Finnish agriculture. On the other half Kaurala farm has now reaches the aims that were set earlier. It is good to continue now by believing that the Finnish food will be respected also in the future.
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