konekuva "By co-operating with other farms we will increase the degree of use of machines and save energy"
- Kaurala farm quality manual

At modern farms the machinery should be measured in a way, that areas that have grown are possible to cultivate at same time as before. Sizes of machines have grown because of this and at the same time the prices have increased as well. It is often more cost-effective to get stock in co-operation with other farms or to contract jobs. These cases it is possible to keep the stock quite new all the time and the costs quite low. Most of the machinery in Kaurala farm is shared with two or more farms.
Valmet 361 kivikasalla
Valmet 361
Domestic has been the key word while talking of tractors
  • Takra vm.-51
  • Valmet 33 m. -58
  • Valmet 361 m. n.-61
  • Valmet 500 m.-70
  • Valmet 502S m.-78
  • Volvo BM Valmet 505-4 vm.-85 in use
  • Valmet 205-4 m.-89
  • Valmet Mezzo 6600-4 m.-96 in use
  • JCB 530-70 telehandler m.-01 in use
  • Some operations are bought from contractors. These operations are for example plant protection, harvesting, liming and excavation work.
    Ylö Pneuma 1012
    Ylö Pneuma 1012 fertilize spreader being refilled spring 2000
    Straw baling
    Valmet 6600 + Claas 250 Rotocut CCT
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